Frank J. Buchman

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Generosity Must Be Guided By Conscience

NEED GAS That was the sign an attractive young woman was holding when we passed a Lawrence filling station. The next day, we were at a city department store when a skinny fellow walked up to us out of the blue: “Would you give me a dollar for gas?” We truthfully replied that we didn’t […]

Matfield Green Cowboy Recognized As Tough Competitor Ready To Help Another

“A cowboy and a competitor best describe Darwin Bailey.” Those words were eulogized as his ashes were scattered over a Flint Hills pasture not far from where he was raised and lived his life at Matfield Green. The comment was often repeated when acquaintances reflected on the cowboy who made a positive impact with everybody […]

Increase Can Be Bad And Good

Multiplying has its pros and cons. It’s the same as what some call the domino theory, when after setting a jillion dominoes in a slant formation, one is pushed to fall and all the others follow. That is the negative aspect of the equation, which we’ve been reminded about since the recent rains. But, there […]

Trick Riding And Roping Put Native Kansan Into Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame

“I’ve had a great life.” Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame inductee J.W. Stoker summarized 83 years in just five words. Quickly, the Kansas native who was recognized last month with what’s considered the highest distinction in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, added, “To be honest, I haven’t had any problems whatsoever.”

Extra Effort Now Pays Later

“It’s easier just not to.” Life’s opportunities are often missed when we take the effortless way. Numerous times, a chance in a lifetime has gone to the wayside, because it didn’t have to be done, and more exertion and cost would be involved.

Keeping Western Lifestyle Alive Is Rodeo Queen’s Objective

There’s something about being a cowgirl that’s always in the blood. A yearning that just won’t quit, despite diverse directions a young woman’s lifestyle take. “I grew  up on the back of a horse riding at our Burlington farm. I’ve always loved horses,” insisted Miss Rodeo K-State Brande Iseman.