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Family Continues Lifelong Quarter Horse Breeding Program At TS Ranch

The Quarter Horse tradition continues. It’s in the blood in more ways than one, so to speak. Marcia and Wayne Bailey and their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephew and great-nieces and nephews are emphatic in their objective to continue forward in operation of the renowned TS Ranch at Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.

Candles Really Are Quite Important

Flickering glow of a candle sure is warming to the heart. Candles lit before a recent memorial service seemed to have the most power of any in our recollection. Whatever the reason, it made us think about how candles touch our life.

Not Our Time Just Yet

We are alive. One could call us “Dead Man Walking,” like the movie and descriptive quote. “Fact can only be stranger than fiction” again proves true. Despite the seriousness, and admiration for others involved, there’s a bit of humor to it all.

Never Any Falsifying About Tooth Pain

Toothaches are no fun. While we’ve had very little pain in our six decades, the most severe throbbing ever was an infected tooth. Our discomfort threshold isn’t as high as many, and for a cowboy to complain of a simple tooth hurting seems unnecessary. Yet, we did and still remember that day.

Heeling Longhorn Steers Is Successful Career For Coffeyville, Kansas, Cowboy

Catching Corriente steers by their two back legs is the profession of Jake Long. But, like all jobs, it requires lots of hard work and practice. Just two days before Christmas, Long was back at his ranch home near Coffeyville, Kansas, taking it a bit easier, anticipating traditional Christmas Eve at his nearby grandpa Marvin […]

Gene’s Death Is Brutal Loss To All Who Knew Him

If there was ever one good man, it was Gene Falk of Alta Vista. An e-mail from an acquaintance jolted us in disbelief as it was a terrible report that our good friend had passed away just that morning. We didn’t even know he was in the hospital. It had been a few weeks since […]