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South Dakota Cowgirl Becomes K-Stater To Lead ‘Purple Team’ At ‘Best-Ever’ Rodeo

Standing-room-only made for rabid enthusiasm at what alumni and veteran-attendees contended was “the best ever K-State Rodeo.” While more than 3,500 spectators crowded into bleacher seats and all around the inside of Manhattan’s Weber Arena for Saturday night’s performance, KSU Rodeo Team Coach Doug Muller said Sunday’s crowd was near that number.

A Second From Here To Eternity

Such a fine thread between now and beyond. Often we are reminded of that, have expressed about such previously, and again it’s come home with intensity in the past couple weeks. The phone rang; we hollered: “Answer it, please.” There were only two rings, so we assumed she had.

Duty Is To Assist Upon Call

Nature always calls at the most inopportune time. “A heifer just had a calf,” the cow-manager hollered as we were pulling up covers for a good night’s rest. Grumpily, but without a word, we tugged our chore-clothes on, and stumbled through the dark frozen clods, dreading thought of carrying that wet, slimy newborn into the […]

Emporia Quarter Horse Breeders Continue Into Fifth Generation

To continue anything for longer than a quarter century isn’t that common. To continue from one generation to another several times isn’t that common. To continue an annual horse production sale for more than three decades is unique. One can count on his hands the number who has achieved that status. Cooper Quarter Horses at […]

Readiness Is Blessing When The Call Comes

“That can’t be right, I just talked to her yesterday morning, and she was fine.” An acquaintance called to inform us that May Morrison, a good friend and wife of our teacher-mentor Gordon Morrison had passed away. We argued in denial that it had to be wrong, and we’d straighten out the  mistake.