‘Horse in Beef’ renews horse slaughter controversy as ‘unwanted horses’ increase

Europe’s recent scandal about horse meat in beef products has renewed questions whether Americans could be eating equine products as well.

U.S. Department of Agriculture regulators say it’s unlikely that beef adulterated with horse meat could make it to the nation’s dinner plates.

No domestic suppliers currently slaughter horses, and the agency has strict inspection standards for imported meat. Continue reading →

Championship Bull Rider forecasts more and bigger titles in future

“It was a good night.”

Accepting the check for more than $2,000 and accompanying awards for winning the Championship Bull Riding at Manhattan, Dillon Tyner of Hoyt, Colorado, exclaimed his feelings briefly.

And two weeks later, the adrenaline was still following: “That was just the third and fourth bull I’d been on since being out for six months from major hip surgery, so the win was even all that much better.” Continue reading →

Train ride generates memories

It was a Saturday night to be remembered.

And, reflections of the good ole days almost came back to real life. We rode the new Kansas Belle Dinner Train from Baldwin City to Ottawa and back again.

A five-course prime rib supper, as we’re prefer to call it, was fit for a king, most likely, but a cowboy and his longtime bride sure enjoyed the suit-and-tie snazziness too. On top of that, as all passengers did on the return route, we had talking parts in a live “who done it?” mystery. Continue reading →

Despite controversies, high taxpayer cost, Flint Hills’ wild horses breathtaking site

Wild horses grazing the Flint Hills of Kansas are certainly a site to behold.

While there have been numerous stories, both pro and con, concerning the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Program, no one can deny it is breathtaking as hundreds of  horses come thundering across the prairie, nostrils flared and snorting, manes and tails flying in the wind. Continue reading →