College life even busier for rodeo champion

Taking 17 hours of college classes and competing at a rodeo every weekend keeps a cowboy busy.

Consequently finding a spare moment for Jarek Van Petten to visit isn’t easy, but the young rodeo champion’s humility is most obvious.

Almost unwilling to talk about his successes, Van Petten is dedicated to meeting challenges of his busy college rodeo lifestyle, while expressing appreciation for those who help him in that endeavor. Continue reading →

Third generation bullfighter proven best in business of protecting cowboys

“As far back as I can remember, rodeo bulls have been a part of my life.”

These days, bucking bulls continue horning in on Wacey Munsell, because that’s his business: taking horn hooks from mean rodeo bulls, so fallen bull riders don’t get injured.

The Ulysses cowboy is a rodeo bullfighter, times again proven the best there is, and demanded at the biggest rodeos and bull riding competitions in the country. Continue reading →