Despite many transitions in hogs and industry

“There’ve been lots of changes in hogs in my lifetime, but the hogs we’re producing now are the best I’ve ever seen.”

Since he started showing home-raised pigs when he was eight years old, Mike Bond is speaking from firsthand experience as he’s seen and produced lots of pigs.

Today, with his wife, Debra, and assistance from their grown children, Brian, Kim and Leah, Bond specializes in show pig production at Valleybrook Farms near Overbrook in Osage County. Continue reading →

Rabbits offer family-oriented project, business, hopping sport and supper, too

“Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail.”

That ole familiar Easter time tune came to life during the recent Youth Rabbit Show at Cico Park in Manhattan.

And, the sport of rabbit hopping is rapidly increasing in popularity throughout the country, according to Lil Peck, who attracted considerable attention with a demonstration of rabbit hopping she hosted during the show. Continue reading →

First Flint Hills leasing report in four years reveals all-time high pasture rent rates

Flint Hills pasture lease rates are higher than they have ever been.

Well, certainly the highest on record, according to the Bluestem Pasture Release – 2013, issued May, 7, 2013, by Kanas Agricultural Statistics at the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

Dale Rodman, secretary of the Kansas Department of Agriculture, said funding has not been available for the past three years to complete the survey of leasing rates for the 14-county Bluestem pasture. Continue reading →