Cowgirl loads wild mustangs on top of trailer as world renown rodeo entertainer

She has both arms, and this cowgirl’s not a bandit.

But, there’s no questioning the nationwide traveler’s inbred natural instinct with livestock and ability to cope with whatever conditions might arise.

It was minutes before a heavy Kansas Friday evening downpour cut lose. Amanda Payne and husband Josh Sellers, and their youngest daughter, Rowdy, were on the flatbed of their big bright red shining Ram dually with an eight-foot span longhorns mounted above the cab. Continue reading →

Kansas girl looks to home court advantage at international competition for unique paralympic sport

“I’m really excited about playing for my team mates and my country, and of course the individual competition.”

Elizabeth Flora-Swick, 19, Gardner, is anticipating the 2013 Boccia Americas Cup, August 2-9, at the New Century Field House near Gardner.

“I practice about four times a week for an hour-and-a-half at a time. I get pretty tired,” admitted Elizabeth, better known by family and friends as Lizzie. Continue reading →

Goats for more than roping

“Where’s the goat ropin’ today?”

That’s not an uncommon question among cowboys, but these days it’s often in jest, downplaying the roping sport. However, there are still goat roping events in some locales, and that really wasn’t too uncommon a half century ago.

Several of those who team roped every other Thursday night said they practiced at home roping goats, and others we know claimed to have regular such competitions, but we were never at one. Continue reading →

Colorful arc after rain most meaningful

“There was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

Actually, we didn’t go search for that, but the evening was described by others as “gorgeous,” and “just perfect,” after the gigantic rainbow disappeared in the clouds.

It had been an indecisive early evening as much needed showers lingered forcing inquisitions whether there would be a rodeo after a performance being canceled the night before due to rain. Continue reading →

Harveyville Farmer relives different age of agriculture and in life

Wheat hauling recently turned back the pages more than a century when a team of mules came clopping onto the dump bin at the elevator in Burlingame.

“I was just fulfilling the promise to my Grandma from many years ago. I told her someday I’d take a load of grain to the elevator with a mule team drawn wagon just like my Grandpa used to do. And, that’s what I did,” explained Tony Bell of Harveyville.

There were 26 bushels in the 1870 “Newton grain wagon” pulled by Jim and John, a pair of sorrel draft mules, with bearded, farmer-clad Bell on their lines, surely making all have a reflection of an era before almost forgotten. Continue reading →

‘Family Fun For All’ At Third Annual Jackson County Rodeo Near Holton

“Grab your hat, put on your spurs, bring your lawn chair, if you’re not planning to ride a bronc or a bull, and lets, rodeo,” welcomed Deb Dillner. “It’s time for the third annual Jackson County Rodeo, Friday and Saturday, July 16-27, a the Northeast Kansas Heritage Complex south of Holton on Highway 75, then west on Road 214, according to Dillner, leader in the Jackson County Fair Association, rodeo sponsor. Continue reading →