Frank J. Buchman

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Devotion After Church Closes

“Oh, come, come, come. Come to the church by the wildwood.”       That line’s from our favorite Sunday School hymn when we got to pick one. While we can’t sing, it still “gets us in the spirit.” Reflection came Saturday night when we sadly gathered for the last summer picnic of the church where Mom, […]

Meatloaf And Homemade Pie Just Inkling Of Paxico’s Festival Lineup June 28

Yep, there’ll be the best meatloaf and homemade pie in the country. And, a whole lot more, too. “We have meatloaf and pie baking contests as special attractions, but a full packed daylong slate of additional activities are planned for our sixth annual Paxico Meatloaf Festival Saturday, June 28, at Paxico, right off Highway I70, Exits […]

Inflated Tires Essential

“It’s only flat on one side.” The comment seemed funny as our brother-in-law said it while we were doctoring up other family newlyweds’ car minutes before they planned to leave the church on their honeymoon. Obviously, their getaway took longer than intended, and hearsay was that the deflation was manmade orneriness intended toward the groom. […]

Tough Competition As Rhythmic Recitations Yield Champion Kansas Cowboy Poets

It’s not easy to be a champion cowboy. While there’s always been a romantic sense about the cowboy way of life, there’s nothing that’s ever been easy about the profession. Likewise, it’s plenty hard becoming a champion cowboy poet. Proof is readily verified as tough competition in three qualifying rounds brought the best from three […]

Osage County Economic Development Helps Entrepreneurs Develop New Businesses

Small town business success is difficult at the best. While that is a depressing statement, it is a sad fact. However, most conscientiously aware of the gloomy proven statistic, Osage County Economic Development is going above and beyond to assist entrepreneurs in developing rural enterprises that will continue to thrive.