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‘Just Show Up For Work’

“Nobody wants to work anymore.” Every day, we hear somebody make that statement. The unemployment figures announced regularly always indicate many people don’t have work. Yet, help wanted advertising is everywhere. Some claim they’re overqualified, or they’re underqualified. Others are too old, or too young, and excuses go on and on.

Thomas K. Reed Memorial Ranch Rodeo Saturday At Council Grove

Ranch rodeo teams have been extended a special invitation to participate in the Thomas K. Reed Memorial Ranch Rodeo at Council Grove Saturday afternoon, Oct. 25. “In memory of Thomas K. Reed, a young rancher  and enthusiastic ranch rodeo competitor who lost his life in a horse related ranching accident, we are again coordinating the […]

‘Whatever, However One Wants To Describe Him,’ Dusty Was A Real Cowboy

Dusty was a cowboy. There are others who called him a ‘legendary character,’ ‘story teller,’ ‘Western artist,’ ‘a typical horse trader,’ ‘just a cowboy,’  ‘ornery,’ ‘rebel,’ ‘colorful,’ ‘just picturesque’ and many more, not always probably the most complimentary, monikers.

Lifestyle Examples Lead Forward

“Our heroes have always been cowboys.” It’s been repeated many times in conversation, song and heartfelt comment. Ever since we can remember, our greatest admiration has been of cowboys, and desire to be one. Definitions of cowboy sadly are very widespread these days. Still, a real cowboy wears a hat and boots, and rides a […]

Old-Fashioned Corn Picking Demonstrated At Alta Vista’s Ag Heritage Park

“Gee. Come on, get along Minnie. Haw. Get around, Molly.” There was almost a sing in the demand and certainly spryness as Ralph Anderson with beard, flopping straw hat and bibbed overalls provided verbal accompaniment to driving lines as maneuvering his near-four-ton draft horse team. “Back now. Easy. Watch it Minnie. You know better than […]

Kansas Cowboy Hall Of Fame 2014 Inductees

Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame INductees

Recipients of tokens as 2014 inductees into the Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame at Boot Hill Museum, Inc., in Dodge City posed following presentation ceremonies Saturday night.

Deformities Are Not Ruination

“Ears, feet and tail.” That means a major price dock for a weanling calf going through the auction ring. Whenever an auctioneer announces  any of the three words when the entry gate opens, it’s certain starting price will be reduced. However, if two or three of the words are stated,  the initial bid could be even […]