Emotionless Healthcare ‘Figures’

“Everybody is just a number.”

That’s become obvious as we’ve spent time in healthcare offices.

Walking to the receptionists’ counter where heads are hidden behind computers, we expect some acknowledgement, but get none.

Clearing our throat obnoxiously, one eye of only one peaks over as all others stay locked to screens. In our typical-forward-cowboy way, we introduce our self, thinking one really ought to know us, and why we’re here.

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Time To Remember Why

’Tis the season…

Christmas decorations are in place, lights are shining, music is playing, cards are being sent and received, Santa Claus is seemingly the favorite person of all, but quite fortunately nativity scenes are displayed at many churches, and pleasantly a few additional locales as well.

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Notification For Changed Ways

“It is a fair warning.”

When a bump showed up on our forehead a decade-plus ago, the secretary of one of our organizations advised us to get it checked.

Contrary to our typical disposition, we followed directions, and looking back it was good advice that fortunately was followed. However, diagnosis from the examination was far from desirable, and we actually first realized our skin was very susceptible to the sun.

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