Generous Assistance Yields Most

Volunteerism is essential to the success and survival of most worthwhile organizations producing the broadest long term benefits for so many.

Again reminder came during a program last week when a veteran servant of the group announced retirement, and we looked back at her lifetime never tiring, never ceasing efforts for the good of others. Continue reading →

Carbondale Horse Rescue Unit Plans Educational Help A Horse Day

“Help a horse, lend a hand.”

That’s the ultimate objective, and there’ll be considerable more for anyone interested in horses.

Most importantly, it’ll be a day of information for those who know nothing, little, or have a definite desire to learn more about horses. Specifically those horses that don’t have a home, their owners want to get rid of them, and the ones that are hungry, have been, or are being mistreated in any way. Continue reading →

Going Strong At 29, Quarter Horse Mare ‘Rio’ Takes Several Families, Generations To Rodeo Honors

Great horses just keep going and going and going.

“Rio is a horse of a lifetime. She’s absolutely the perfect horse if there ever was one,” exclaimed Leah Tenpenny Wilson of Reading.

“I rode and won at rodeos on Rio when I was in junior high, and now our six-year-old daughter Laynie is riding Rio, and winning at rodeos, too,” continued Mrs. Wilson, who along with her husband, Adam, have been lifelong accomplished  rodeo contestants. Continue reading →