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Blackjack Saddle Club Announces Show Schedule

Show schedule for the Blackjack Saddle Club has been announced by Justine Staten, club president. Kickoff point show is Sunday morning, May 7, 9 o’clock, at Cico Park in Manhattan.

Activities For All At Farm Store’s Saturday Model Horse Fun Day

A model horse is the next best thing to owning a live horse. “Breyer’s model horses have been the iconic American toy since the 1950s. Breyer horses are realistic, authentic model horses,” according to Kathleen Fallon, at Reeves International, Pequannock, New Jersey, the Breyer manufacturer.

Mysterious How Things Workout

“Blondes really are more fun, huh?” Hard of hearing humpback old cowboy didn’t comprehend the question-comment the first time.

Those Weeds Are Delicacies

“They are the best dandelion growers in the country.” None too few have made that evaluation driving past the ranch.

Shape Of Horse’s Knee Can Lead To Serious Performance Issues

Improper structure of the knee causes excessive stress that can lead to issues with horse health and performance. “You want straightness in that column of bone,” according to veterinarian Dr. Jerry Black, director of the equine program at Colorado State University.

The Week Of Bigheartedness

“So many are so very generous.” While often offended by beggars with their hands out, there’s always somebody offering assistance.