Frank J. Buchman

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Working Ranch Cowboys Rodeo At Council Grove

“True to life cowboys’ work on the ranch featured in arena competition.” That’ll be the Santa Fe Trail Ranch Rodeo Friday and Saturday evenings, July 7 and 8, at Council Grove.

Peak Hazard Months As Mosquitos Spread Deadly Virus To Horses

West Nile virus risk is increasing and will be at the highest level in the immediate weeks ahead. “In 2016, there were 377 equine West Nile virus cases across the United States, an increase of 152 cases from a year earlier,” according to Dr. Kevin Hankins, senior veterinarian for Equine Technical Services at  Zoetis Animal Health.

Modern Hay Methods Leisurelier

“Life’s easier in maturity.” Of course, many disagree emphatically, and there are plenty of downsides certainly.

Scholarships To Youth For Education Toward Career Horse Endeavors

Young people looking to futures involving horses have received financial boost for their equine objectives. “The Kansas Horse Council Foundation has awarded 15 youth scholarships totaling $14,000 to encourage education in the equine industry,” according to Theresa Peddicord, KHCF scholarship committee chairperson.

Modernization In Communication, Conversation

“Technology demands are cause for stomping the floor, pounding the desk, maybe even screaming.” No end to it seemingly from every direction and no clue what much of the modern-rigmarole is all about.

Tractors Still Ranch Necessity

“Cowboys aren’t made to be tractor drivers.” That’s personal view, obviously contradicted by many ranchers baling hay this week.