Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Sun Improves Cowman’s Outlook

“Don’t tell anybody, the sun’s shining.” The Sunday morning comment brought promise and brightness to the past week of weather gloom.

Long Winter Hair Obscures Horse’s Actual Body Condition

Spring is more than two weeks ago, and many horse owners have noticed deterioration in their favorite mount’s body condition. “Long winter hair can often give the false assumption that certain horses are fat when they are actually thin,” according to veterinarian Dr. Thomas R. Lenz.

Legs Sure Are Important

“She has good legs.” Somehow it seemed an ornery mentor professor’s jive when congratulating him on engagement and upcoming marriage. Thinking of the comment numerous times since Dr. No

Romance Of Producing Calves

“That heifer’s going to do it when she gets doggone good and ready.” All’s havoc around the barnyard stewing, checking, helping, pouting about the 40 first calf heifers ready to drop.

Chapman FFA Alumni To Host Vo-Ag Centennial Celebration

The Chapman FFA Alumni are hosting a once-in-a lifetime event. “On Saturday, Feb. 24, we’re celebrating more than 100 years of Agriculture Education at Chapman,” announced Kevin Harris, president of the Chapman FFA Alumni.