Changing Weather Promises Moisture

“Four seasons all within two days.”

Not quite, but that’s the way it seemed, perhaps shy of real hot summertime.

From the 80s to freezing overnight with spring and fall temperatures intermingled within and around.

One goes from not even a jacket, to a sweater with coat, soon long johns then back around again.

Like has been often said, “If the Kansas weather doesn’t suit the fancy, just wait and it’ll change.”

All professions have their downfall, but weather forecasters likely get more than their share of ridicule.

Interesting though tuning to a handful of different predictions, how varied they can be. Yet they are sometimes almost identical outlooks and still completely wrong.

With hail one place, sun shining a mile south then raining cats and dogs nearby, how could anybody know?

However, did appreciate one newsman attempting to keep listeners up on storm alerts. Two reports within 20 minutes changing from “quarter-size hail,” then “get inside a tornado has been sighted.”

Parts of the Midwest experience flooding, blizzards, high winds, tornadoes and extreme fire hazard all at the same time.

“It’ll be a miracle if there’s any brome this year,” the ranch partner accessed. Even when all soil nutrition is properly managed, Mother Nature has the final hand.

Spring showers are a major ingredient for tame grass growth, and there haven’t been enough. It can all change with one big rain, but that hasn’t come.

Those light yearlings on that big fescue pasture up north are scrounging for their meals, too. Typically, the tame grass planted into native sod would be lush, but not yet this year.

Despite many getaway fires, land managers who’re heart-and-soul-believers in pasture burning merits are having qualms whether to ignite. It’s better to have some dry-year-old grass to turn out onto than no feedstuffs period.

Water is another concern as ponds are near-record low while creeks and springs are dry. Water and feed are basics of cattle operations.

 Upon parishioners’ continued prodding, the pastor verified he’s been stringently praying for rain. Reserved chuckle came from pews when he contended they were being answered with rains in his home country of Burma.

However, “it’s always rained here sometime.”

Reminded of Acts 14:17: “He kept constantly doing good things and showing kindness, and giving you rains from heaven and productive seasons.”