Frank J. Buchman

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Coronavirus Strain In Horses Not Transmissible To Humans

Horse owners have continuing questions about coronavirus, and answers are difficult to find. “There are many types of human coronaviruses,” according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “These include some that commonly cause mild upper-respiratory tract illnesses.”

Pasture Care Complex Issue

“The Flint Hills native grassland could become a forest.” Professor Clenton Owensby made that emphatic declaration on opening day of range management class in 1970.

Rural Life Becomes Appealing

“There’s nothing like living in the country.” Many who were raised on farms and ranches feel that way about rural living. Yet others growing up in the country can’t wait to get away and live in the city.

Everybody Has Made Mistakes

“The more one does the more mistakes that can be and often are made.” Nobody wants to make errors and most do their best to prevent them.