Frank J. Buchman

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Council Grove Youth Rodeo Set August 1

A youth rodeo is planned Saturday evening, Aug. 1, at 6 o’clock, in the Morris County Rodeo Arena east of Council Grove. Sponsored by the Morris County Youth Rodeo Association, divisions are planned for juniors, eight and under; intermediate, nine to 13; and seniors, 14 to 19.

Pasture Gathering Fun Work

“Be in my yard with your saddle and bridle Friday morning at 4:30.” Ranch manager ordered the old wannabe who’d shyly requested to help gather a couple double stocked pastures.

Safety Increased By Cancellations

“There have been more cancellations in the past several months than all of history combined.” While that might not be a true statement, it actually could be and definitely seems that way.

Lessons Learned From Carnivals

“We’re still going to have a carnival but no other special entertainment for the fair.” A county fair promotions lady commented about their plans when contacting her for advertising as in the past.