Counterfeits Always Show Through

“He actually turned out to be a real counterfeit.”

The evaluation wasn’t said with harsh feelings, but with sincere honesty.

A longtime cowboy friend gave his opinion when asked about a horse he’d purchased.

Presented by a young rider in the auction ring, the horse performed well and was credited to be outstanding.

When the buyer got his new horse home, it wasn’t as good as he’d expected. Possibly not even of the caliber as had been touted by rider, seller and auctioneer.

Certainly there are going to be similar outcomes if and when all ballots are counted and election results announced.

No debate or question about it, there is going to be some counterfeits elected. Which is which and who is who will not be known immediately and perhaps not for a very long time.

That is always the problem with making a bid on a horse or marking the election ballot. Everybody wants to make the right choice, but fact is that just isn’t possible all of the time.

Even when there are no shenanigans, everything is said on the up and up, the facts are true. Things just don’t always turn out right, or the way expected, wanted or needed. Continue reading →