Frank J. Buchman

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Fence Posts Are Long-Lived

“There sure are a lot of good corner and even line posts strung along the highway ditch.” With powerlines being moved for new highway construction, the line poles and cross arms have been left behind.

Foal Halter Training Advice Given

While it’s best to break foals to a halter at an early age, many owners wait until fall weaning time. Halter breaking will often be the first experience for a foal to respect handling and to give to pressure.

Filly Brings Back Romance

“There’s a weanling filly in the southwest lean-to stall and small adjacent walkout.” It’s the first foal that’s been retained in a dozen years from the nearly 60-years’ Quarter Horse breeding operation.

Cattle Business Great Life

“When one day determines the year’s income, many factors play into if there’ll be enough to pay all the bills.” For years, the calf crop has been sold at auction during the first part of October. While many ranchers spread marketing out throughout the year, these calves come right off their mommas into the sale […]

Recognition For Preserving And Promoting Santa Fe Trail History

The Santa Fe Trail Association Trail Association (SFTA), Larned, has honored those preserving and promoting the trail’s history. Linda Colle, SFTA awards chairman, said recognition was given at the Santa Fe Trail Association Symposium in La Junta, Colorado.

Family And Friends Of Animal Sciences Set Reunion

Whoever has been through or even just visited the Animal Sciences and Industry Department (ASI) at Kansas State University become friends. Those acquaintances made in Weber Hall and livestock learning facilities on the north edge of the Manhattan campus become family.

Electricity is Most Important

“It’s almost impossible to imagine what it would be like to not ever have electricity in a ranch home.” Reminder of its importance became obvious when the power company shut off electricity three times in a week.