Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Heifers Require More Attention

 “Nine months, nine days, nine hours, nine minutes since those calving-ease bulls were turned out with the yearling heifers.” Lush tender green grass, sun-shining warm spring day, there was some instant romance. A couple heifers beat the scientific gestation calendar with frolicking newborn babies trailing behind unsure what’s really happened.

Important To Save Information

“For some reason, it’s been lost in space.” While television watchers recognize certain wording from a popular show of previous days, the familiar phrase applies to computer issues.

Saying Easier Than Doing

“Can’t is over in the ditch.” Mrs. Gibson, first grade teacher at Garfield Grade School in 1957, emphasized that to her students. “There isn’t anything impossible when one has the determination.”