Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Creep Feeding Helps Foal Growth

“Some mares don’t provide enough milk to meet sufficient nutrient requirements of their foals.”  Those babies often need access to solid foods.

Water Needs Of Horses Increase During Summer

Horses can sweat as much as three gallons per hour, a serious health management concern during the hot summer. Thus, it becomes more important to ensure horses are drinking enough water to maintain good health. It is also essential to know when to back off an animal’s level of activity. 

Maple Hill Rancher’s Diversity Shows Working With Both Horses And Cows

“Every horse is different, so they cannot all be trained the same way. It’s not right to fit a horse to a certain training program; the trainer must fit the program to the horse.”    Kallie Emig has definite philosophies for working with all kinds of horses learned through diverse hands-on experiences. 

Dreaded Disease Causes Considered

“You are fine everything’s clear just come be checked again in three years.” Oh, what a relief to get that positive doctor’s report after what was a long-dreaded colonoscopy procedure.

Rains Stops For Parade

“The heavy downpour quit just in time for the parade to go on as planned.” Taking the detour to prevent muddy road mishap, it was an hour drive to the fairgrounds starting location.