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Kansas Agriculture Leader’s Lifetime Goal Is To Help Develop Others

“Horses can change children.” Al Davis of Manhattan proudly quoted his grandpa’s philosophy from nearly four decades ago on the small family farm in Pennsylvania. Never forgetting that statement and relating it often, Davis is “children, horses, Extension 4-H, agriculture leadership,” and a whole lot more. Appropriate quick synopsis of the always-smiling, most-congenial, never-knew-a-stranger cowboy, […]

Round-robin showmanship winners named

Climax of livestock competitions at the recent Morris County Fair in Council Grove was the round-robin showmanship championships when winners from each division vied for title as “the best at showing everything.”

Providentially Generations Do Improve

“Sometimes it’s just about as important how an animal is presented as what kind of quality it has.” That’s called fitting and showing, or showmanship, as we were reminded during the county fair. There were several entries that looked of ample conformation, type and style to place much higher in class than they did, had […]

Helping youth is main objective of Club Lamb producer

“We do a lot to help the kids learn more about the care and showing of their lambs.” Kevin Harris of Harris Show Lambs at Abilene explained the importance of not only producing quality lambs and selling them as 4-H projects, but to him it is most essential to follow through with assistance to the […]