Kansas Agriculture Leader’s Lifetime Goal Is To Help Develop Others

“Horses can change children.”

Al Davis of Manhattan proudly quoted his grandpa’s philosophy from nearly four decades ago on the small family farm in Pennsylvania.

Never forgetting that statement and relating it often, Davis is “children, horses, Extension 4-H, agriculture leadership,” and a whole lot more.

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Providentially Generations Do Improve

“Sometimes it’s just about as important how an animal is presented as what kind of quality it has.”

That’s called fitting and showing, or showmanship, as we were reminded during the county fair. There were several entries that looked of ample conformation, type and style to place much higher in class than they did, had they been clean and presented by their owners, so the evaluator could better see their attributes.

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‘Showmanship Is The Art Of Showing Your Horse,’ Equine Seminar Clinician Explains

“Showmanship is often the most important class at a horse show.”

Of course, that is not the opinion of many horse owners and exhibitors.

“But, the basics of horse training begins on the ground where horses learn to respond to a variety of cues including pressure on the halter, body position and voice commands. The showmanship class provides a great opportunity to display that training,” according to Sandy Jirkovsky, horse trainer, coach and judge from Kearney, Nebraska.

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From 4-H Project to historic ranch, Wildcat Creek fast becomes recognized top red angus operation

Ssince the writing of this article,  Wildcat Creek Ranch has since been dispersed.

“Our children are actually the ones responsible for starting our Red Angus herd.”

While that’s not real uncommon, few if any operations have grown as rapidly in size and quality as Wildcat Creek Ranch of Peabody.

Clarifying initial remark, owner Klee Robert Watchous (whose first name is pronounced  “Clay”), at his Newton headquarters office, said, “We got into the Red Angus business, along with horses, hogs, even rabbits, really, because our children wanted to show animals in 4-H.” Continue reading →