Dump Helps Yard Cleanup

“How in the world can all of those old tires accumulate around the barnyard?”

That question was rolling in our head as we spent two hours loading worn out pickup and car tires into the back of our horse trailer Friday evening.

Why the old tires are kept is beyond comprehension, but it got so the filling station was charging to keep our worn out ones, so we’d bring them home, saving a couple bucks, while rationalizing they’d be better than nothing, if we had irreparable flats. Continue reading →

Generous Assistance Yields Most

Volunteerism is essential to the success and survival of most worthwhile organizations producing the broadest long term benefits for so many.

Again reminder came during a program last week when a veteran servant of the group announced retirement, and we looked back at her lifetime never tiring, never ceasing efforts for the good of others. Continue reading →