Rodeo Announcer-Music Man Is Truly All-Around Cowboy In The Broadest And Most Diverse Sense Of The Definition

He is truly an all-around cowboy.

There are cowboys who compete in all eight sanctioned contest events at rodeos, break and train their own horses, assist with cattle roundups, and even participate in other horse related competitions. Yes, they’re all-around cowboys.

This one’s entered successfully in some such rodeo action, but they’re not his most given forte to rate the distinctive versatility title.

Saturday afternoon was calm, and like many tied to ranch life, he was burning native pastures.

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Twelve-Year-Old Cowgirl Sets Sights Well Beyond Runner-Up Rodeo Rookie Award

Cowboys better watch out.

This 12-year-old cowgirl is nothing to be taken lightly as she backs into the roping box.

Well, every cowboy or cowgirl of any age or level of rodeo competition has learned they must take heed whenever the name Caxton Martin shows up on the entry list.

Without exception, if the Alma, Kansas ranch cowgirl is there, it’s with the intent to win, and she’ll certainly do everything within her diverse talented capabilities to make that a reality. Continue reading →

Dedicated practice makes 15-year-old calf roper champion in major rodeo circuit, as kickoff to professional future

“I rope every day. I like to rope all day.

“Sometimes I’ll rope and tie 100 calves a day. Other times I may rope five or ten. Then, I go to rodeos and roping jackpots every weekend.”

That sounds like lots of practice and hard work, but it has paid off for rodeo champion Cooper Martin of Alma, who visited Saturday after he’d just finished roping and tying a calf in 9.5 seconds, putting him in the lead at an amateur rodeo at Shelbyville, Missouri. Continue reading →