Deformities Are Not Ruination

“Ears, feet and tail.”

That means a major price dock for a weanling calf going through the auction ring.

Whenever an auctioneer announces  any of the three words when the entry gate opens, it’s certain starting price will be reduced.

However, if two or three of the words are stated,  the initial bid could be even considerably lower.

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Cattlemen promised positive world impact with collective effort

Cattlemen are a small minority of the population, which has little knowledge of the industry producing the beef that despite rising cost over the counter, continues to love eating the quality meat product.

Thus, necessity is set to keep that consuming public, so essential to rancher profits, aware of exact details of continuing concerned efforts to produce delicious, nutritious and conscientiously safe beef for the nation and world.

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Flint Hills beef fest celebrates grass cattle industry this weekend at Emporia

Cattlemen from throughout the Midwest will be gathering for The Flint Hills Beef Fest, Friday through Sunday, Aug. 22-24, at the Lyon County Fairgrounds in Emporia.

“The Flint Hills Beef Fest was founded as an annual celebration of the grass cattle industry, offering cattlemen the opportunity to enter stocker cattle in a summer grazing competition, as well as feedlot and carcass shows,” said Shelly Wiggins, committee member for the Flint Hills Beef Fest.

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Cattle Auction Points To Good Times For Producers And Beef Eaters

The cattle industry is guardedly optimistic, and beef steak lovers should be happy, too.

Despite concerns about drought, high inputs and government intrusion, that was the analysis after the Kniebel Cattle Company/Downey Ranch, Inc., beef cattle seed stock production sale Friday southeast of Manhattan.

“We were really nervous going into the sale, with all of the negatives facing our business,” admitted Barb Downey of the Downey Ranch Angus operation at Wamego. Continue reading →