Frank J. Buchman

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Hall Of Fame Cowboy Is Astute Business Entrepreneur

“I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t know anything about computers and that stuff. I’m a cowboy.” While that’s contrasting to most modern ways, Bud Sankey, 78, is a true businessman at his profession: cowboy.

Petite Blonde’s Passion For Riding Jumping Horses Keeps Rocking Chair Idle

Her rocking chair is riding a six-feet-tall Quarter Horse jumping over three-foot-high fences. “I never wanted to be a little old lady, and despite my birthdate, I’m doing my best not to be,” contended the vivacious five-foot-five blonde equestrian, close semblance appearance of six decades earlier.

No Fright, But Cautiousness Keeps Champion Bull Rider As Winner

What’s the old bronc rider saying? “If bulls were supposed to be ridden, Paul Revere would have come through town on a bull instead of a horse.” “Horses scare me, especially the ones that buck. A person can get hurt trying to ride those rodeo broncs.”

Round-robin showmanship winners named

Climax of livestock competitions at the recent Morris County Fair in Council Grove was the round-robin showmanship championships when winners from each division vied for title as “the best at showing everything.”