Diversification Allows Seventh Generation Ottawa Farmer To Continue Family Tradition

“I’m changing gears. I’m hopping on this machine to get some more work done, but I have time to visit now.”

When one of the farm partners has to be gone on other agriculture business, it puts more work on the ones staying at home.

“It sure cuts into the days when Dad’s gone, but my wife is always anxious to help, yet she has a part time job. And, Grandpa is ready to help, too, if I need it, even though he’s retired, and I try not to bother him that much. Continue reading →

Specially Designed Farm Grain Storage Facility Enhances Profitability Opportunities For Berryton Farmer Heading United Soybean Board

“I have to load out three semi-trailer loads of soybeans this afternoon. That takes precedence, because I have to get them sold before the end of the year. And, with my busier schedule these days, I need to plan around all of the meetings I have to attend.”

Winter isn’t typically that hectic for farmers who have strictly cropping operations.

However, Bob Haselwood seldom has much opportunity to let down during this time of year, as he’s doing maintenance on his full line of owned machinery in his most complete on-farm shop, along with monitoring and sometimes loading soybeans and corn from his vast on-farm grain storage.

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Deformities Are Not Ruination

“Ears, feet and tail.”

That means a major price dock for a weanling calf going through the auction ring.

Whenever an auctioneer announces  any of the three words when the entry gate opens, it’s certain starting price will be reduced.

However, if two or three of the words are stated,  the initial bid could be even considerably lower.

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