Longest Running Professional Rodeo Has Special Attractions Set For Strong City

      Bright lights will be shining at the oldest consecutive rodeo in Kansas.

      Likewise, this is one of the longest running professional rodeos in the world, and, as importantly, has the most unique heritage in the sport of rodeo.

      It’s the 77th annual Flint Hills Rodeo Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 5-6-7, beginning each evening at 8 o’clock, in the historic rodeo arena at the north edge of Strong City, Kansas, announced Jason Lewis, rancher and president of the Flint Hills Rodeo Association. Continue reading →

Christmas Package Drawing To Raise Donations For Flint Hills Rodeo Souvenir Building

“The best way to remember is with a souvenir.”

Everybody knows that, and the most memorable times for many is when they go to the rodeo.

“Officials of the Flint Hills Rodeo Association know that, too, and in nearly 77 years of annual rodeo action, there have been plenty of souvenirs from our annual rodeo at Strong City,” according to Jason Lewis, president of the “oldest consecutive rodeo in Kansas.” Continue reading →