Going Strong At 29, Quarter Horse Mare ‘Rio’ Takes Several Families, Generations To Rodeo Honors

Great horses just keep going and going and going.

“Rio is a horse of a lifetime. She’s absolutely the perfect horse if there ever was one,” exclaimed Leah Tenpenny Wilson of Reading.

“I rode and won at rodeos on Rio when I was in junior high, and now our six-year-old daughter Laynie is riding Rio, and winning at rodeos, too,” continued Mrs. Wilson, who along with her husband, Adam, have been lifelong accomplished  rodeo contestants. Continue reading →

Illinois Cowgirl Comes To Kansas To Become Vet, And Stars As Barrel Racer On K-State Rodeo Team

Match that ‘just right’ horse with proven one of the very best college-age cowgirls in the world, and it’s a team to be reckoned wherever the competition arises.

“I’ve had several top horses, and have some good horses, but Pepper is sure one of the best. I’m really getting with her now. It always takes some time to become accustomed to the way  a new horse works, and for her to understand that I ride different than somebody else who has ridden her before,” Katelyn Eike evaluated her barrel racing horse. Continue reading →

St. George Cowgirl Passionate About Others Learning Benefits Of Horses

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

It’s an often repeated quotation originally credited to Winston Churchill.

Diane Haffener at the D-Bar Arena near St. George often restates the remark true to heart, believes, and  most obviously lives it.

“Horses are my life,” Haffener stated emphatically.

Born and raised in the ranching life near her arena and related operations, Haffener explained, “I’m the third generation of my family involved in horses. I trained my first horse at the age of 13, developing my own training techniques, which led me to the journey I am on today. Continue reading →

Kansas Agriculture Leader’s Lifetime Goal Is To Help Develop Others

“Horses can change children.”

Al Davis of Manhattan proudly quoted his grandpa’s philosophy from nearly four decades ago on the small family farm in Pennsylvania.

Never forgetting that statement and relating it often, Davis is “children, horses, Extension 4-H, agriculture leadership,” and a whole lot more.

Appropriate quick synopsis of the always-smiling, most-congenial, never-knew-a-stranger cowboy, there are even more terms appropriate to distinguish his true diversity. Continue reading →