Horse Processor Optimism Rises As Threats Accompany Ire After Court Ruling

“It’s just another entry in the horse slaughter saga.”

That might be considered a bit snide interpretation, but after so much rigmarole and controversy, one could easily get the feeling that whatever is announced, processing of horses in this country is still a long ways off.

No less than a half dozen times in two years, main media sources have announced that machinery was in place so horse packing plants could be open within days.

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No Horse Slaughter Plant Yet For Missouri As Antagonists Continue Opposition

“The ‘bleeding hearts’ got reprieve again.”

It sounds terribly rude, and crude, but that’s exactly the way one lifelong horse breeder, champion-horse exhibitor, internationally-recognized horse merchandizer, and true horse lover evaluated announcement that a horse slaughter facility to be open in Missouri at this time is not operating due to intrusion from politically-instigated opposition. Continue reading →