Kaw Valley Gathering To Celebrate 85th Annual Rossville Tall Corn Festival

“Corn Dynasty–Corn. Fun. Community.”

It’s the 85th annual Tall Corn Festival, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 8th through the 10th, at Rossville, Kansas, US.

“In the heart of the Kaw Valley, families from across the land gather for music, parades and most importantly have celebrated the Rossville Tall Corn Festival on the second weekend of August for the past 84 years,” announced officials of the Rossville Community Development Committee, with the objective to “help improve the overall quality of life in Rossville, Kansas.” Continue reading →

Tall corn, music, parades, much more at 84th Annual Rossville Festival

“Who has grown the tallest corn this year?”

With irrigation and enhancing growing conditions, along with most timely rainfall, records might be broken this year during the tallest corn stalk judging at the 84th Annual Rossville Tall Corn Festival, August 9-10-11, in Rossville.

Continuing in recognition of corn production in the Kaw Valley, one of the best-corn-growing-regions in the world, the Rossville Tall Corn Festival is much more than tall corn stalks, even more than corn-spitting, and eating-corn on-the-cob. Continue reading →