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Renowned Rodeo Blood Runs Strong Through Generations

As Clay Center Cowboy Aspires To Be Champion Bull Rider Cowboys are like horses are like cattle. How can that be many will question? One’s a person, and the others are animals. Oh, they are closely intertwined, but yet each is entirely different, many contend.

Flint Hills Cowboy Reflects As Honored Rodeo Parade Grand Marshall

More than five decades in the saddle gives a cowboy broad perspective and certainly an opportunity to see ample changes in the profession and industry served. Couple bounteous generosity and diversity with desire and record of assisting others throughout the Flint Hills, this cowboy received semblance recognition for his honorable lifetime achievements during the recent […]

Longest Running Professional Rodeo Has Special Attractions Set For Strong City

      Bright lights will be shining at the oldest consecutive rodeo in Kansas.       Likewise, this is one of the longest running professional rodeos in the world, and, as importantly, has the most unique heritage in the sport of rodeo.       It’s the 77th annual Flint Hills Rodeo Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 5-6-7, beginning […]