St. George Cowgirl Passionate About Others Learning Benefits Of Horses

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.”

It’s an often repeated quotation originally credited to Winston Churchill.

Diane Haffener at the D-Bar Arena near St. George often restates the remark true to heart, believes, and  most obviously lives it.

“Horses are my life,” Haffener stated emphatically.

Born and raised in the ranching life near her arena and related operations, Haffener explained, “I’m the third generation of my family involved in horses. I trained my first horse at the age of 13, developing my own training techniques, which led me to the journey I am on today. Continue reading →

Training Horses Like Schooling Children, Clinician Emphasizes

“Time and patience make the difference.”

That was the emphasis of Scott Daily in the fourth session of the horse training clinics presented again as a feature of the recent Topeka Farm Show.

In a return engagement, the Arkansas City horseman added, “Still, some horses take less time than others. This young stallion is a fast learner, but there are horses that take considerably longer to understand what a stranger might be expecting from them.”

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