Hands Require Freeze Protection

“Gloves are about as important winter wear as there is.”

Certainly, that was the conclusion last week while doing a story in subfreezing conditions.

Oh, we had gloves this time, but it was impossible to keep notes with a pen and pad, and take photographs with them on.

Conscious not to wimp out, we insisted on making the ranch tour in short order to get inside, where our cold fingers tingled for minutes.

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Little Moisture In Big Snow As Drought Continues But With Optimistic ‘Neutral’ Outlook

“The weather outlook for this summer is ‘neutral,’ and that’s good.”

While many question the logic of appeal in that statement, their disgust rises with the additional comments:

“Despite record snowfalls in many locales during the first week of February, water content is really quite low. Much of the state of Kansas is still under drought conditions.”

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