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Hands Require Freeze Protection

“Gloves are about as important winter wear as there is.” Certainly, that was the conclusion last week while doing a story in subfreezing conditions. Oh, we had gloves this time, but it was impossible to keep notes with a pen and pad, and take photographs with them on. Conscious not to wimp out, we insisted […]

K-State Rodeo success despite winter blizzard intrusion

“The show must go on.” That was K-State Rodeo Team Coach Doug Muller Thursday morning as snow and blizzard conditions closed roads throughout the Midwest. But, even though that true cowboy philosophy was the intent to follow, it was much more complicated.

Recovering Devastated Community To Honor

Heroes help make recovery from disaster possible. Harveyville, Kansas, was stricken by tragedy when a February 28, 2012, tornado destructed the rural Wabaunsee County community, leaving one citizen dead. But, within seconds of devastation, assistance arrived from unbeknownst and has continued coming until much of the town’s damage has been restored.