Newly Crowned Miss Rodeo K-State Promoting ‘The Sport and Her University’

“I am going to promote the sport of rodeo. It’s such a great American tradition, but there are so many people who really don’t understand its heritage, and actually what rodeo is all about.”

Miss Rodeo K-State Lindy Singular has her plans in place for the next 12 months as she travels around the state and throughout the Midwest representing the sport of rodeo and Kansas State University.

Lindy Singular, Linn, was crowned as the 2013 Miss Rodeo K-State by 2012 Miss Rodeo K-State Abbey Pomeroy before the third performance of the recent 57th annual K-State Rodeo at Manhattan. (Beth McQuade photo)
Lindy Singular, Linn, was crowned as the 2013 Miss Rodeo K-State by 2012 Miss Rodeo K-State Abbey Pomeroy before the third performance of the recent 57th annual K-State Rodeo at Manhattan. (Beth McQuade photo)

“There are still many misconceptions about rodeo, and my job and my goal are to tell the whole story about all of the aspects of this great sport. I want everybody to enjoy rodeo and have a passion for it like I do, like all of those who understand and have such an appreciation for the world of rodeo,” added Singular.

The Linn, Kansas, farm girl who’s a KSU junior, accepted her Miss Rodeo K-State crown, and the duties accompanying it, prior to the third performance of the recent 57th annual K-State Rodeo at Manhattan.

“I was really nervous before the coronation, but all four of us contestants were qualified. So, I just decided to have fun during the competition and throughout the rodeo, however the results concluded,” Singular evaluated.

Other contestants were first runner-up Cassie Sims, Miss Congeniality Joanna Wright and Caysi Gatts.

There were five divisions in the stringent competition two weeks prior to the rodeo, with a panel of three judges.

In the speech division, Singular discussed the sports medicine program available to professional cowboys and cowgirls. “I am so impressed that the health care is provided for contestants at no charge,” she said.

Singular’s nerves might have been most tense during the modeling segment of the pageant. “I felt a bit insecure, and I had some advice before going out in that Western dress,” Miss Rodeo K-State admitted.

Visiting with the judges during the interview division went “really well” for Singular. “It was just conversational. We raise horses and have always had a lot of horses, and I’ve been so close to rodeo all of my life, so it was just natural,” explained Singular, noting that also helped make her “confident” for the written test.

However, the horsemanship category is where Singular really excelled. “I rode my own horse, actually our family horse, a good old mare called Blue, and she performed just about perfectly. It was just another horse show for her,” credited Singular, who topped the horsemanship division of the pageant.

A triplet to brothers Logan and Landon, Singular is the daughter of Lee and Dee Dee Singular at Linn.

“We have a Quarter Horse breeding program with a stallion at service, and a band of broodmares, in addition to a cow-calf operation, and substantial farming acreage,” commented Singular, who also has an older brother, Lonnie.

Enrolled in the KSU agriculture economics curriculum, with minor studies in animal science, Singular is a 2010 graduate of Linn High School, where she was involved in many activities,   including basketball and volleyball.

Also an active FFA and 4-H club member and leader, Singular commented, “I showed horses, sheep and cattle all of the time as I was growing up at county, regional and state competitions.

“I successfully showed our home-raised horses at the state fair several years,” she pointed out.

A working member of the KSU Ag Econ Club and Block & Bridle, Singular has been especially active in the K-State Rodeo Club.

“Of course, the rodeo is the major event for our club, but the bull riding during the past two years has also been quite an attraction. Additionally, we have a jackpot team roping, several community service projects and other horse-related functions. I’ve helped in most of the club’s endeavors,” she said.

Due to her lifelong interest in horses and rodeos, as well as club involvement, decision to participate in the Miss K-State Rodeo pageant was a natural.

“I had been the Phillipsburg Rodeo Queen in 2009, so I knew about competitions. I have such a love for rodeo and of course K-State, I’ve known for some time that I would like to serve as the rodeo queen. I’m a junior, so my time was running out; this was the year,” Singular evaluated.

Her year’s schedule is fast filling up. “I already have four rodeos with a total of ten performances on my calendar, and there have been additional inquiries. I plan to attend rodeos throughout the Midwest, when I can work them into my calendar,” Singular calculated.

“I’ll also be speaking about rodeo and K-State at various public and youth activities across the state. Any groups that would like to have me, I’ll be happy to come, if there isn’t a conflict,” she added.

Participation in additional rodeo queen contests is a possibility as Singular looks to the future, but one major pageant on her jobs-to-do is next year’s Miss Rodeo K-State competition.

“I’ll be in charge of organizing it just like 2012 Miss Rodeo K-State Abbey Pomeroy has done this year. She did a great job, so I have some big boots to fill. I’ve got that on my agenda, too,” Singular related.

Following graduation, Singular is unsure of her plans. “I’ll probably help on the ranch for a while, and then likely pursue a career in sales and marketing. Whatever I do, I’ll be involved one way or another with rodeo and riding horses,” she guaranteed.

“Rodeo is a sport for all ages. There are so many levels for participation, from youth through senior divisions, and there’s such spectator appeal for everyone. With outstanding athletes, horses and livestock, rodeo is increasing in popularity, and it will just continue to grow,” Singular assured.

“I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen,” 2013 Miss Rodeo K-State Lindy Singular verified.