Concern For Others Important

“Are you alright?

That was the question from drivers of two cars who stopped as we were clipping short locust trees in the brome field north of the ranch headquarters.

The first one just rolled down the window and hollered, but the second one pulled off the road, got out and headed our direction.

“Yep, just trying to control this darn brush,” we responded appreciatively both times.

Initially, we were a bit confused at their concern, but then it dawned on us. Our saddled horse, The Wonderful Zane, was grazing a few yards from us, and we were down on our knees with small nippers doing our chore.

For passersby, evidently, it appeared that we’d been bucked off and were having a difficult time getting up, perhaps injured.

Nope, not this time, but we certainly were pleased about their concern.

Even days later, somebody noted, “I thought you were hurt when I went by, but then you got up and seemed okay.” Again, our gratitude was expressed.

It’s relaxing to ride out and work during the cooler evenings. So, we ground-tie our mount who can graze while we work, and then we have transportation back when ready.

While most probably can’t comprehend the extent of our feelings for others who stop to check on us, it is truly heartwarming.

Over the past four decades, traditionally riding a number of colts every day, occasionally we’d get bucked off.  Fortunately, only on a couple of occasions was anything hurt except our cowboy pride.

Generally, nobody realized what happened, or even cared. But a few times, when they’d see the wreck happen, folks would stop to check if we were hurt and needed assistance.

Other times, our horse would be running back to the barn, as we were walking after it, and people stopped to help. Even a couple of times, they drove right out in the pasture to find out if we were okay.

On the opposite, there have been times when we’ve fallen off that those passing by honk, wave with big grins on their faces and keep right on driving. That didn’t always set well with us.

Reminds us of First Thessalonians 4:9: “You need to have concerning brotherly love for one another.” Thus, Ephesians 4:32: “And become useful, helpful and kind to one another.”