Inspirational Hero For All

“Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow, so live a better today.”

Sound advice from back cover of the book, “Captured By The Enemy,” we read after receiving as a desired and most appreciated Christmas gift.

It’s a creative nonfiction story about our hero Carl Good, who we’d known since early childhood. But, we never really knew him, or certainly not all the “life” he’d seen and endured.

Thanks to one of his granddaughters, Crystal Aceves, the story has been told.

To us, Carl Good was the dad of a best friend, a hardworking man attending every rodeo, farm meeting or auction we did, husband of vivacious bride, six children, always smiling, cowboy hat, caringly acknowledging us by name.

What else could be expected?

There was much more, all kept inside. In recent years, we’d vaguely heard about some of Carl’s incomprehensible turmoil, but nothing compared to the extent it was.

A farm boy with hardships of the era, yet looking to a bright future in family ranch life, war changed that.

Eligible for farm deferment, Carl’s incorruptible, dutiful faith answered call for his country, protecting freedoms heartfelt bound.

Serving in the United States Army during World War II, Private Carl Leroy Good landed in North Africa with General George Patton’s Third Division. The true story traces Carl across the country into Sicily until captured by the enemy.

Terrible experiences in Prisoner Of War camps are relived, before a mass prisoner escape into Italy, so Carl’s living on the run for nine months, until prayer-answered ally rescue.

A time when it was okay to speak of God, nonbelievers became believers. This is a hard look at war, being a war prisoner, a hunted escapee, changing Carl Good; forever uncontrollably haunted, yet always a great man.

A true story written about an everyday hero; Carl Good, our hero, everybody’s inspirational hero.

Reminds us of Jeremiah 48:14: “We are men of war.” Thus, First Kings 22:45: “Deeds of his heroic war achievements are described.” Yet, Psalm 51:3: “I admit depression haunts me day and night.”

But, Psalm 119:26: “When I told my story, you responded to help me understand these things inside and out.”  Because, Ecclesiastes 9:4: “There is hope only for the living.” Acknowledging, Ecclesiastes 8:12: “I know very well that those who fear God will be better off.”