Kindness Is Most Important

Life’s changes for betterment ahead are the optimistic blueprint many consider at year’s end.

 Annual resolutions are being developed and revised so they won’t be short lived as always before.

Listed for majority are make more money, diet, increase exercise, lose weight and live healthier.

Frequent others include manage debt improving finances, enhance family relations, become higher educated, get a better job, and reduce stress.

Without exception, New Year’s resolutions will be broken, but if only one is partially fulfilled it’s better than before.

Regardless of personal philosophies about all of the vast annual hype of the season, let’s help somebody now.

What else is there in life other than health, happiness and eternity than doing for each other, sincerely?

This is actually very easy, quite simple, yet more uncommon all of the time.

Why not try to make life better for another? Talk to more and different people, even strangers on the street. With few exceptions people like to talk and for others to know about themselves.  

Ask how their life truly is? Then listen, look them square in the eye, be interested, and be concerned if there’s that need.

Then, comment, offer thoughts, even suggestions, perhaps points for guidance if sought in the least form.

Make a telephone call to an acquaintance of long ago, or a neighbor living alone, perhaps in an assisted care facility.

Everybody just loves to get mail in the box, write a note, and send a card. It’ll make a day and a memory never ceasing. Go ahead send a text, an email, or other social media to make contact.  

Give an inexpensive token gift, perhaps something homemade, unique, and personal. Cinnamon rolls, a box of candy, pie out of the oven.

Smile at the next person seen. Shake hands with a passerby. Open the door for the one in front. Step aside for another.

Always say “Please” and “Thank you,” most meaningfully and truthfully.

Be nice. Be kind for everyone is fighting a hard battle.

Kindness has a positive domino effect growing and spreading around the world.

Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.

Reminded of Psalm 86:16: “Looking in my eyes, show kindness, love and mercy, give me strength to go on, gently powerfully put me be back on my feet.”