Old Fashioned Threshing To Highlight 58th Annual Weekend Celebration At McLouth

The McLouth Threshing Bee is one of the longest running old time threshing bees in the nation, now celebrating 58 years.

“Come visit our annual threshing bee and all of the related activities Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 18-19-20, at the show grounds in McLouth,” welcomed Tim Hays, director of the Heart of America Antique Steam Engine and Model Association.

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Cowgirl Misses Day On Horseback Preparing For Graduation Exercises And Busy Times Ahead

She was so busy; she didn’t even have time to ride her horse Saturday.

On the forefront, one might wonder: “How in the world could a lifelong, heartfelt cowgirl not arrange just a brief mounted gallop on her favorite mount?”

Answer’s most apparent upon finally arranging a quick cellphone visit with the cowgirl as she left the farm home for a dozen obligations in one of the even busier days of her always most eventful lifestyle, which in itself is mindboggling.

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