Cool evening makes for ultimate excitement as record crowd applauds bull riders

Fall had set in, and the bulls were sure feeling their oats, but it all added to the excitement making a record topping Flint Hills Bull Blowout at Strong City.

“The cool weather made us concerned whether we’d get a crowd, but people brought their jackets and came in record numbers to our fifth annual jackpot bull riding competition,” said Kim Reyer, event coordinator.

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Meatloaf And Homemade Pie Just Inkling Of Paxico’s Festival Lineup June 28

Yep, there’ll be the best meatloaf and homemade pie in the country.

And, a whole lot more, too.

“We have meatloaf and pie baking contests as special attractions, but a full packed daylong slate of additional activities are planned for our sixth annual Paxico Meatloaf Festival Saturday, June 28, at Paxico, right off Highway I70, Exits 333 and 335, west of Topeka,” announced Larry Winkler, official of the Paxico Merchants Association.

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