Wild Horse Enthusiasts Now Complain About Method Of Capture

Last week’s feature concerning controversy of wild horses being sold by the Bureau of Land Management for slaughter brought comments of ire from both sides of the issue.

That was expected, but the accompanying photo of the government using a helicopter to move and gather the mustangs also caused debate. Follow-up research revealed that such roundup methods bring considerable ire from wild horse supporters.

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Some Opportunities Will Only Come Once

“Just do it.”

That’s the best response to most tasks at hand.

A number of years ago, it was a common prank so to speak for codgers, for lack of a better  definition, to walk around farm shows and the like with small round wooden   tokens in their pockets. They’d come up to somebody and ask, “Did you get around to it?” The queried one with a puzzled look would shrug shoulders and shake his head “No.”

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Pratt Cowboy Wins His First World Champion Steer Roper Buckle

Roping 70 steers a day can pay big dividends.

It certainly reaped awards, including the most coveted one, for Kansas cowboy Rocky Patterson.

After stringent practice tripping between five and six dozen steers daily, with three or four horses used in rotation, the Pratt roper went to the National Finals Steer Roping in Guthrie, Okla., on lucky Friday, Nov. 13, and left Saturday night, Nov. 14, as the new world champion.

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Individual Preferences Make The World Go Around

It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

Thank goodness that’s the way it is. Otherwise, everybody would like exactly the same thing. Whatever it was, everybody would want the precise duplicate of every other person. What a boring place it would be. Initially thinking, perhaps there would be less conflict, because nobody would desire what another has. Each was equal to another.

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Native Kansas Cowboy Finds Southwest Sun More Conducive To Practice For Professional Team Roping Championship Run

“It’s a little chilly today. It’s supposed to get down to 55 tonight.”

While those conditions seem like a heat wave compared to the blizzard his family was experiencing in the home state of Kansas, it was actually about right for team roping practice and playing golf.

At least that’s the opinion of one of the top professional team ropers in the world.

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