Value More Important Than Cost

“Everything’s   high-dollar.”

That’s been the  agitated and snide response to our ever-so-frequent comments of similar connation.

“Where’s that   high-dollar bridle?” “They sure have a high-dollar trailer?” “That’s one   high-dollar saddle.” “We need a sack of that high-dollar feed?”

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Most Appreciative Of All

“Thank you.”

Importance of those two words can’t be stressed enough. And, we’ve raved about that in the past, seemingly to no avail, because we don’t hear it said any more frequently,  wherever we are.

But, with Thanksgiving Day this week, the important words come to our mind again. As the seasons slip upon us, we don’t comment like some might think we should. Yet, there are no holidays, or seasons, that have missed our review, at some point. Continue reading →