Frank J. Buchman

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Quarter Horses Earn Their Keep For Honored Breeders

Horses are meant to be used. “We breed horses that will perform under saddle and then work them. Our horses earn their keep,” evaluated Marlene Flinn of St. George. “The operation has always been based on performance, utilizing foundation and working-horse pedigrees, which made the Quarter Horse what it is, but they must look good, […]

Cost And Age Not Most Important

Just take it, drive it, and if it’s not back by Thanksgiving, we’ll assume you want it.” Truly, that was the car dealer’s comment recently when we decided to trade Silver off before we became stranded too far away to walk home.

Reliving Good Ole Days Enlightening

Everybody sure looked old. They have potbellies, glasses, hearing aids, humpbacks, gray hair or no hair, and seem to shuffle as they walked. Golly, we almost didn’t even recognize them.

New Mexico Rancher Sings at Kansas Cowboy Fundraiser

This singing cowboy-movie star is the real thing. Unlike many Western-lifestyle entertainers, R.W. Hampton is a cowboy first, and then a cowboy musician and actor. “I’ve always been a cowboy,” R.W. Hampton assured Saturday morning in Valley Falls, before he went to Topeka to greet folks at a western store, and then returned to Jefferson […]

‘Plant’ Revival Most Essential

Our thumbs never have been green. Philosophy is that a person who has beautiful growing plants all around has a “green thumb.” Our thumbs have been black and blue, red and other colors from cleaning the barn, but never that of a shamrock. Perhaps that’s why we get down on luck so often.