Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Continued Effort Pays Off

There are many things worse than not being able to catch a horse when needed, but that’s a cowboy’s aggravation. Likewise, there’s little more soothing than when the horse nickers, comes trotting in and seems to want to put on his bridle.

Dedication To Rodeo Perfection Leads Paola Cowgirl To All-Around Championship

“Wait a minute, please, I have to watch this calf run.” That sincere dedication leaves no doubt why Timber Allenbrand, 14, Paola, is a rodeo champion. “I don’t rope until tomorrow, but we came early to watch the cattle,” explained Allenbrand, while sounds of a Duncan, Oklahoma, roping competition echoed in the background.

Historic Burlingame Comes Together To Revive Community with Country Christmas

Located where the Santa Fe Railroad crosses the old Santa Fe Trail, as its heritage runs deep, long and continuing, Burlingame, Kansas, like most Midwest rural communities is having survival struggles. But, the younger generation has now joined sides with more mature residents of the Osage County farming town to whip defeat and grow to […]

Safe, Flavorful Food No Laughing Matter At Laughing Rooster Farm

What you eat is what you are. “I’ve long been concerned about the harmful effects that hormones used in food production can have on our bodies,” reflected Chuckie Hessong. “After my third child, a girl, was born, I studied more about the problems hormones can cause, and even more so in women than men,” she […]

Organization Worth The Effort

What happened to that notebook with the birthdates? Where is the picture of that horse? How come the rasp isn’t with those other shoeing-tools? Seemingly nothing is ever where we can readily find it.

Impoliteness Increasingly Commonplace

“Bang:” the telephone receiver was slammed down. Guilty as charged, this time. Ashamed and embarrassed at the action, it was seemingly an uncontrollable response as frustration overcame us from the conversation on the other end of the line.