Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

Changing season brings fresh outlook

Spring has sprung. The warning came as the clocks sprung ahead an hour. Then it snowed, and despite the calendar, nobody was in the mood of the season. Frequently, we’ve heard reflections of a year ago when tame grass was already green and several inches tall. Fertilizer had been applied on large acreages, and tractors […]

Red matches well with purple for Chase County Ranch Family

“Red cows and purple shirts; that’s the Mushrush family of Chase County.” Busy all of the time, this week is their busiest of the year. “It’s harvest time,” emphasized Joe Mushrush, admitting that might sound “out of season to many.”

Breakdown nothing to grumble about

“Padre said we should ‘give up’ complaining for Lent.” That was a comment, from the lady writing out the title for our “new car” we “were forced” to buy last week, as we related how much worse the situation could have been.