Changing season brings fresh outlook

Spring has sprung.

The warning came as the clocks sprung ahead an hour. Then it snowed, and despite the calendar, nobody was in the mood of the season.

Frequently, we’ve heard reflections of a year ago when tame grass was already green and several inches tall. Fertilizer had been applied on large acreages, and tractors tilling the soil were common sight. Continue reading →

Wabaunsee County ranch heritage remains strong as young cowboys rope to win rodeos

“Our boys have done well in rodeo. They like to rope and practice, but they’re in other sports and school activities. We want them to be well rounded.

“The main thing is for our sons to know about and have an appreciation for horses, cattle and ranch life. There will be an opportunity here, if they want to be cowboys and ranchers, but they’ll make their own decisions. We aren’t pushing them in any direction.” Continue reading →