Cooking Feed Still Has Merit To Increase Utilization Of Rations For Certain Horses

“Well, I guess I’d better get supper cooking for Ole Dobbin.”

“There aren’t as many horsemen cooking feed for horses as there used to be with more pelletized feeds and extruded high temperature ration preparations available. But, there can still be advantages to cooking grains for certain horses,” according to Dr. Preston Hickman, veterinarian at the Wichita Equine Center. Continue reading →

Santa Fe Trail Working Ranch Rodeo At Council Grove July 3-4

Working ranch cowboys from several Midwest states will converge on Council Grove for the Fourth of July.

“It’s the 29th annual Santa Fe Trail Ranch Rodeo, Friday and Saturday evenings, July 3-4, in the arena east of Council Grove, just off Highway 56, beginning at 7 o’clock,” announced Clay Wilson, president of the Morris County Youth Rodeo Association (MCYRA), rodeo sponsor. Continue reading →

Helping Others Learn About Benefit Of Horses Is Objective Of State 4-H Horse Project Winner

“I’ve been riding horses ever since I can remember. Horses are an important part of my life, and I want to help others learn more about horses to enjoy all they offer in so many ways.”

Brayden Krepps’ enthusiasm for horses is most obvious as he talked about his many activities earning the 15-year-old Cambridge horseman honors as the state 4-H award winner in the horse project. Continue reading →

Meatloaf Is Just Inkling Of Paxico’s Festival Lineup June 27

Yep, there’ll be the best meatloaf in the country.

And, a whole lot more, too.

“We have the meatloaf contest as the special attraction, but a fully packed daylong slate of additional activities are planned for our seventh annual Paxico Meatloaf Festival Saturday, June 27, at Paxico, right off Highway I70, Ext 333, east of Topeka,” announced Larry Winkler, official of the Paxico Merchants Association. Continue reading →

Green All-Terrain Vehicles Tour Flint Hills Pastures To Benefit Four Lyon County Charities

Four Lyon County charities were beneficiaries at conclusion of four nights of riding green four-wheeled, all-terrain vehicles in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas.

“Our third annual Gator Rally was a tremendous success as participants from throughout eastern Kansas and even from Oklahoma rode through luscious pastures in this community-support effort,” exclaimed Paul DuToit, brainchild of the program and manager of PrairieLand Partner Emporia, regular advertiser on 580 WIBW. Continue reading →