Frank J. Buchman

Cowboy • Horseman • Writer

A Most Perfect Transition

“Farmer, journalist, minister, chiropractor, poet, painter, music aficionado. Mostly retired.” It was celebration of an inspirational life as 300 gathered graveside Friday afternoon sanctifying always-serving faith, never-ceasing friend Dr. Lois Webb.

Speaking Publicly Offers Service

“Getting up in front of a group of people still makes us very nervous.” Despite our maturity, unmemorable and uncountable number of public talks; just the thought makes us uneasy for some reason.

Cowboys Show Their Professional Best At EquiFest Ranch Rodeos

“Working on a ranch is far from a definite science, yet when work must be done, cowboy abilities come to the forefront.” Factualness of that comment could not be more apparent than outcome at the ranch rodeos featured as Saturday and Sunday evening attractions during the recent EquiFest of Kansas in Topeka.

Musical Freestyle Climax Determines Top Horse Challenge Champion At EquiFest Of Kansas

“The final event was the tie breaker, with tension highest among riders, making for passionate suspense of all those watching intently in the bleachers,” coordinators said. Eight riders from Kansas and Missouri competed in four most-diverse competition divisions, each evaluated by different judges, to make the Premier Farm & Home Top Horse Challenge one of […]