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Latest Equipment And Technology Featured At Wichita Farm & Ranch Show In Mulvane

The extravaganza will go on with the 26th anniversary edition of the Wichita Farm & Ranch Show this week. “It’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 3-4-5, at Mulvane’s Kansas Star Casino Arena,” announced Brock Nelson of Tradexpos, show sponsor. “We will be displaying the newest in agriculture equipment and techn

Horse Health First Concern For Mobile Veterinary Service

“Before buying any horse, it should have a pre-purchase examination by a qualified veterinarian.” The advice comes from Dr. Jason Miles DVM of Stone Horse Veterinary Services offering mobile equine care based out of Lawrence. 

Horses Patience With Youngsters

“Horses must be the smartest, most understanding, forgiving and patient creatures alive today.” What an obvious conclusion seeing how no less than three dozen horses were being ridden by children ten and under.