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Kansas Agriculture Leader’s Lifetime Goal Is To Help Develop Others

“Horses can change children.” Al Davis of Manhattan proudly quoted his grandpa’s philosophy from nearly four decades ago on the small family farm in Pennsylvania. Never forgetting that statement and relating it often, Davis is “children, horses, Extension 4-H, agriculture leadership,” and a whole lot more. Appropriate quick synopsis of the always-smiling, most-congenial, never-knew-a-stranger cowboy, […]

Hall Of Fame Cowboy Is Astute Business Entrepreneur

“I don’t have a cell phone. I don’t know anything about computers and that stuff. I’m a cowboy.” While that’s contrasting to most modern ways, Bud Sankey, 78, is a true businessman at his profession: cowboy.

Repair brings newness back

“There’s a hole in the roof, and it’s leaking.” A terrible announcement whoever makes it, but actually a too common one. Reminder was frequent during early fall rains, and again when strong winds pressured nails out, and tin flopped agitatedly on the northeast corner of the indoor arena, as we rode around three dozen times.

Quality important over quantity

“A cowboy just can’t have too many good horses.” “But, what does he do with them all?” is the quickly responding query. “Just feed ’em, clean up after ’em and always know there’s a good one in the pen upon need,” answer is. All seems like an obvious equation, but anyone in the horse business […]

‘Whatever, However One Wants To Describe Him,’ Dusty Was A Real Cowboy

Dusty was a cowboy. There are others who called him a ‘legendary character,’ ‘story teller,’ ‘Western artist,’ ‘a typical horse trader,’ ‘just a cowboy,’  ‘ornery,’ ‘rebel,’ ‘colorful,’ ‘just picturesque’ and many more, not always probably the most complimentary, monikers.

Lifestyle Examples Lead Forward

“Our heroes have always been cowboys.” It’s been repeated many times in conversation, song and heartfelt comment. Ever since we can remember, our greatest admiration has been of cowboys, and desire to be one. Definitions of cowboy sadly are very widespread these days. Still, a real cowboy wears a hat and boots, and rides a […]

The Alexander Brothers Champion Cowboys in the Flint Hills and every rodeo arena

Biggest smiles and best ropers are the way everybody thinks of the Alexander brothers at Council Grove. Actually, it’s probably a flip whether big brother Bob or little brother Wayne are first reflected for never missing with their lariat or always knowing whoever they meet with a giant grin and congenial conversation soon leading to […]