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Renowned Hartford Quarter Horse Ranch To Disperse Generation-Long Program

It won’t be a finale. Yet, the “dispersal” sale planned by Finnerty Ranch Quarter Horses this weekend will be a sharp reduction. However, MJ Finnerty emphasized, “We’ll still have our ranch horses, and we’re keeping a few yearlings and two-year-olds as well as a colt that should make us a top stud.”

Moisture Will Come In Its Due Time

“It’s going to rain.” “It always has.” Those are the two most common remarks we’ve heard whenever the drought is discussed.

Seize Every Opportunity When It Comes

Kansas is 150 years old, but there hasn’t been much celebration. Wichita rescued the situation a bit with a one-day party including the Kansas Sunflower Parade. When the state recognized its century as a territory in 1954, everybody went all out, according to what we’ve heard.

Cowboys Relive Yesteryear Longhorn Drive During Sesquicentennial Celebration

It sure was a lot different when the Texas Longhorns meandered into Wichita this month, compared to 150 years ago. As a highlight of the Kansas 150 Festival Sunflower Parade at Wichita, a herd of Longhorn cattle sauntered down paved streets between large office buildings as cowboys with clean-starched shirts and jeans and neatly, shaped […]

Hay Made While Sun Was Shining At High Ground Museum

“See how it was done 100 years ago.” That was the invitation given by Lloyd and Marlene Florence for folks to come spend Sunday afternoon at their High Ground Museum, located northeast of Council Grove on Old Highway 4. Sure enough, more than 100 visitors from a half-dozen counties in a 100-mile radius came to […]

Free Often Better Than Paying

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” That’s an old term quoted by many over the years, even by those far removed from horses. However, some of this generation don’t understand the statement, which came to light recently when we offered several horses at no charge to acquaintances.

Silver Anniversary Celebration Continues At Morris County Ranch Rodeo

It was a time of reminiscing and recognizing, but there was still plenty of Flint Hills real life Western action during the Fall Invitational Ranch Rodeo at Council Grove. Sponsored by the Morris County Youth Rodeo Association, the rodeo opened with recognition of cowboys who had participated in the first ranch rodeo in Kansas sponsored […]

Forgiveness Promised For Justifiable Blame

“It wasn’t our fault this time.” That has been the response several times recently as people have asked us why the ranch boss had crutches, wore a brace on Her left leg, and moved at a considerably slower pace than normal.